Craft wine is a brilliant example of how Allan Scott Family Winemakers can really break the shackles of the establishment.

By utilising classic techniques, traditionally more akin to other winemaking styles, they’ve developed wines that are pushing the flavour boundaries expected from a variety but not step too far away from what is drinkable and enjoyable.

Produced in kegs (and some now in cans) in limited batch lots, Gooseberry Bomb, Phat Jam and Razors edge are only the beginning of the Allan Scott Family Winemakers Craft Wine project.

Through a secret winemaking process they aimed to really build a point of difference for not only the wine industry, but also the on premise market by providing the facilities to ensure the best quality will get to the customers glass.

  • Gooseberry Bomb Craft Wine 12pk

  • Gooseberry Bomb Craft Wine Can

  • Marlborough Natural Sauvignon Blanc 2018 by Josh Scott (375ml)

  • Orange Wine by Josh Scott