Sara has always wanted to be involved in the viticultural side of the business.

Growing up amongst the vines and helping her father carry on the viticulture legacy who owned and looked after the land, Sara spent much of her youth in Marlborough, developing a natural fondness for wine and a desire to understand all aspects of the winegrowing.

Her passion for the outdoors and environment led her to a career in viticulture, and according to Allan, she has an almost instinctual approach to the industry.

She builds on a foundation of decades-long NZ wine growing that came before her and employs the latest sustainability, innovation and environmental practices to acclimate to the ever-changing landscape. Syncing and working with the environment to grow and produce the best Marlborough grapes for the company.

Today, she manages and co-owns Allan Scott Family Winemakers with her brother Josh.

Allan Scott

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Josh Scott