From a history of pioneers, comes a pioneering wine

In the early days of New Zealand’s gold rush, Eli Scott arrived to find his fortune within the hard parts of the earth. The first of our family to settle in this Pacific frontier, he scoured mountains and fossicked rivers in his tireless search for treasure.

His fortitude and grit has inspired us to create a series of wines that embody the spirit of our early ancestors.
We call these wines The Eli Collection, and they are pioneering wines from a history of pioneers.

In the 1860s gold fever swept across New Zealand.

Ordinary farmers discarded plows in favour of pickaxes and journeyed out into the gold fields of the South.
Eli Scott was one of these men. Otago ore called him, and so he went. The gold there was rich, but hard to find—hidden under swift currents, between folds of earth and stone. Eli Scott worked his pan until his fingers went numb—the frigid river and iron tools robbing heat—in an unshakeable effort to forge a better life.

Now, more than 160 years later, this land has bestowed a treasure of a different kind—a series of wines that embody the spirit of Eli Scott. From both Marlborough and Otago come three unmatched jewels, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. These limited-edition wines represent the culmination of years of work by New Zealand’s original family of pioneering winemakers.

Every drop contains subtle echoes of the hard graft of pioneers who have gone before.

We struck gold with these barrels and only 500 litres of this exclusive premium reserve will be bottled per vintage.

The Eli Collection range is made from the best grapes grown on the Scott family’s own estates. This exquisite vintage is the result of low-yield vines, meticulous viticulture and special attention in the cellar.