The No.1 Best Wine Value of 2021

Great wine doesn’t have to be expensive. In celebration of those wines that overdeliver on quality for the price, Wine Spectator selected the Top 10 Wine Values of 2021, with Allan Scott
Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2021 taking first place on the list!

The No.1 Best Wine Value / 93 Point bottle of Allan Scott Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that you might be holding or pouring from is a warm hello and thank you from the family of innovative and adventurous winemakers — we have an unparalleled desire to let you try the best of what New Zealand has had to offer since 1975 and love nothing more than emptying a few bottles and sharing laughs together.

“Perhaps the biggest success for the business and Vintage 2021 has been its evolution into a true family business. Josh Scott and my younger daughter Sara Stocker assumed control of the company and head up the production, management and development of the company with a highly skilled operational team. They grew up on the vineyard, learned from the rest and brought their own flair into the company and wine. Vintage 2021 was their year and as the next year’s work starts now, the best is yet to come.” Allan Scott