Understanding the clones in the Pinot Project

Unsure about the term ‘clones’ in the new Pinot Project?

Don’t worry you’re not alone!  In this world first case, the clones are quite simply three varieties of Pinot Noir grapes that, by expressing individual characteristics, provide unique flavour profiles to make their own distinctive taste. Click on the images of the grapes below to learn about each flavour profile.

Each clone is so different in terms of flavour and texture so it’s important to taste all three clones (as well as the Scott Base Reserve) by itself first. From hints of chocolate and leather to rich, ripe red fruit – each bottle brings something very different to the table.

Once you’ve tasted each wine individually it’s time to start blending! It’s important to have fun with it and experiment, but we suggest starting with a small amount of each clone (using a standard measure to ensure you can track your ratios) and build up from there. Don’t forget to taste as you go!

The best way to enjoy the Pinot Project is with a group of friends or even better organise a staff bonding exercise for your colleagues. Let your team to try their hand at the delicate art of wine blending and play off each other for the best blend. Make an evening out of it and cook up the matching dishes created by Twelve Trees Vineyard Restaurant Head Chef Lawrence Purser to share with your group.

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